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I'm new to riding how hard will it be?

The course is designed for fun and participation and is not only overly technical, or involve a lot of climbing If you spend some time getting a few more rides in before the event you will probably enjoy it more so its worth getting on that bike if you aren’t riding regularly at the moment.

Are entries capped?

Yes in the first year Entries are capped at 250 riders.

Where does the money raised go to? What is the Tasmanian Bike Collective?

The Tasmanian Bike Collective uses the medium of bike workshops to support young people deal with challenges they may be facing. The aim of the program is to help young people who may be struggling in conventional learning environments due to many different reasons to rebuild confidence, take on challenges recognize the skills they do have and build new ones. Every day in our programs we see increased resilience, growth in communication, improvements in work readiness, capacity to focus. The Bike Collective also helps young people in lower socio-economic areas work towards earning their own bikes and get out riding, everything raised here gets spent locally in Tasmania on running our programs.

Will you accept entries on the day?

Unfortunately not, We need to cater for entrants, organise T-shirts , number plates, catering etc based on the number of entrants, so once entries close that is it.
Late entries are only available if we have withdrawals from other teams.