Each bike collective focuses on four main areas:

  1. Work readiness
  2. Increasing social connectedness and social responsibility
  3. Building positive mental and physical health
  4. Developing positive pathways into adulthood

Our activities vary slightly from location to location but the fundamentals remain the same.

Restoring bikes

this is how we spend most of our time. Young people restore bikes alongside our mentors learning a huge range of hard and soft skills. It’s awesome to see a young person who struggles to achieve in other areas of their life immediately start to engage and succeed when they join us.

Selling bikes

selling our restored bikes gives our young crew the opportunity to engage in customer service and retail skills. It builds confidence and satisfaction as they see someone pay money for work they completed, and their sense of achievement when this happens is one of our favourite things to witness. By selling the bikes we also help to make this program financially sustainable and reduce our reliance on grants and donations.


members of our young crew earn rewards whenever they work on the bikes. They can redeem these reward tokens (we call them ‘sessions’) for a complete bike or bike parts. This acts as an incentive and promotes delayed gratification as they save for something they have chosen. It shows them that they have skills and talents that are worthwhile and valuable, and also helps with financial literacy.

Bike Rides -

We actively encourage and develop bike riding as a hobby. Anyone who rides can tell you that it is a really positive social subculture, and the physical act of riding is great for both mental health and fitness. More young people on bikes means more of them are getting outdoors, building their social skills face-to-face and feeling better about themselves. To support the hobby, we:

  • facilitate riding trips during school holidays
  • lobby and collaborate with others to improve local riding facilities
  • offer opportunities to go to races and bike events, and
  • teach the fundamental skills of how to maintain and look after your bike.

Improving local riding facilities

we look for opportunities to contribute to the local community through upgrading or developing local riding facilities. The crew will get involved in the analysis, design and implementation of new or improved facilities. This gives each young person a chance to contribute to their community, work alongside professional role models and be part of increasing their own recreational opportunities.

Rites of Passage

This is a ceremony or event that marks an important stage in someone's life, like a wedding or like the transition from childhood to adulthood.  In the absence of meaningful community-based rites of passages (RoP), youth will define and create their own events, many of which may be destructive both individually and communally. The Bike Collectives offer a safe and positive RoP camp for our young people. Each camp runs for 5 nights and follows best practice principles to create an effective, modern day RoP. Of course it wouldn’t be us without bikes, so we hold these camps around Tassie’s best mountain biking areas and use the challenges of riding as part of the process.

Give to the Tasmanian Bike Collective

All financial donations support our programs, helping at-risk young people achieve their potential. We are incredibly thankful for any contribution you can make.

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