Got a bike or some parts you no longer need?

We take good quality bikes of all kinds - from kids bikes to premium road and mountain bikes.

We do prefer them to be mostly free of rust and in repairable condition.  Your donation gives our crew opportunities to learn both bike mechanics and life skills. To donate, you can do one of the following:

Unfortunately we can't store and process every bike that is offered so we do ask for a photo to determine whether the bikes or parts are suitable for our programs.

You drop off - Fill out the form below or text us 0444515008 with your suburb and we will provide you with the closest drop off point we have.

We collect – Fill out the form below or text us on 0444515008 with your address, number of bikes (or brief details of parts) and a location you can leave the bike for a contactless pick up. We will then reply with a collection date.

Looking to donate a bike or parts?

We invite you to fill in our online contact form below or alternatively contact the Tasmanian Bike Collective.

Looking to donate a bike/s or bike part/s?

Simply fill in our online form below:

“I feel safe at the RVBC. If I am getting bullied I like to come here.”

“I am now physically healthier and also more comfortable around all sorts of people.”

“At the workshop I'm calmer. Chance to relax after school.”

“The “Sessions” (rewards) have helped me with saving skills.”

"I can come here and get session and parts and stuff without it costing money. Wouldn’t normally been able to ride my bike for a while."

Volunteer… “During my time I saw firsthand the importance of positive older role models and the effects this has on the lives of young people.”

"[I feel] a lot safer at bikes than school and cause I know everyone we get along better"

"I learnt about resilience when it comes to dealing with people who might come and mouth off or have a bad attitude."

"I want to work on bikes as a job and I now know some of those skills."

"My son didn’t really know anyone in his local community, but now has made lots of new friends, has a hobby which gets him off the playstation and out exercising."

"I fit in more here, with the hands on type stuff and has helped me connect with others who are the same."