Interested in buying a bike?

You can view our bikes in Risdon Vale on a Wednesday or Friday by appointment (9am - 5pm during school terms)

Please call 0444 515 008 if you are interested in booking an appointment to come and have a look at our bikes or alternatively, fill in this form with what you are looking for and we will get back to you with what we have in stock.

Additionally, whenever we accumulate a collection of restored bikes, we run sale days at our workshop. Like and follow the Tasmanian Bike Collective on Facebook to hear about sale days and special events.

All money raised through sales go straight back into running our programs.

Types Of Bikes

Typical types of bikes for sale are:

  • Mountain Bikes - from kids to adults
  • Road Bikes
  • Kids Bikes of all sizes and shapes
  • Commuters/Hybrids
  • Retro Bikes
  • Project bikes (bikes sold unrestored for you to have a go at -- we can supply parts as well!)

Parts For Sale

Our parts collection is massive, and because they are recycled they are really affordable.  If you are after any ‘everyday’ bike part, it’s likely we have it. So before you buy brand new, check out our stash. If you are looking for something in particular, send us an email and we will let you know if it is something we have. If you would like to browse our range, get in touch to make an appointment 9am - 5pm during school terms.

Special Events and Sales

For the latest news, special events and sales, please visit the Tasmanian Bike Collective Facebook page.

Ready to buy a bike?

We invite you to fill in our online contact form below or alternatively contact the Tasmanian Bike Collective.

Looking to buy a bike?

Simply fill in our online form below:

For example concrete surfaces, gravel surfaces, dirt surfaces and/or specific mountain bike trails

Please specify the size of person riding the bike (height in cm’s) and/or size of bike wanted (if known).

Please provide any gender and/or colour preferences

This doesn't have to be fixed however helps our team find a suitable bike.

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Give to the Tasmanian Bike Collective

All financial donations support our programs, helping at-risk young people achieve their potential. We are incredibly thankful for any contribution you can make.

How to give →Give now →

“I feel safe at the RVBC. If I am getting bullied I like to come here.”

“I am now physically healthier and also more comfortable around all sorts of people.”

“At the workshop I'm calmer. Chance to relax after school.”

“The “Sessions” (rewards) have helped me with saving skills.”

"I can come here and get session and parts and stuff without it costing money. Wouldn’t normally been able to ride my bike for a while."

"I want to work on bikes as a job and I now know some of those skills."

Volunteer… “During my time I saw firsthand the importance of positive older role models and the effects this has on the lives of young people.”

"I want to work on bikes as a job and I now know some of those skills."

"I learnt about resilience when it comes to dealing with people who might come and mouth off or have a bad attitude."

"I want to work on bikes as a job and I now know some of those skills."

"My son didn’t really know anyone in his local community, but now has made lots of new friends, has a hobby which gets him off the playstation and out exercising."

"I want to work on bikes as a job and I now know some of those skills."