Tas Bike Collective Cycle Challenge is about having fun, challenging yourself, all while raising money for a great cause.

You can enter in teams, in pairs or as an individual. To help you get a handle on what the event is all about and plan for the day, we have put together the following information for competitors.

How does it all work?

Your challenge is to do as many laps of the 2.1km course as you can over 3 hours, all while having fun and supporting the Tas Bike Collective. The event is set up to be simple and fun to be a part of.

The transition area, event village, parking, coffee and food vendors are all in the one convenient area.

The challenge format is simple: you ride as many laps as you can within a 3-hour time period (10am - 1pm).  You can ride by yourself, in a pair or in a team. Pairs and teams ride in a relay changing at the event village transition area. You can take breaks or ride through depending on where your energy levels are at. There will be other fun and novelty-based events going on throughout the day so when you aren’t racing there will things to see and do.

Every team or individual who enters will automatically be given a fundraising page and be supported to raise much needed funds for the important work of the Tasmanian Bike Collective.

With entries closing on Sun March 24, 2024, now is the time to get yourself and/or your team organised.

What will it be like?

Event Course Map

Hosted at Baskerville Raceway, the event focus is on a fun and social atmosphere with an accessible course that is designed to be achievable for kids and new riders, The course will include a mixture of asphalt and grass and will also have some challenges thrown in. However, these are split into A and B lines for those who don’t feel comfortable with the challenges, they can take the B-line. If you do take the A-line challenge, there will be small time advantages for you, so you can knock off more laps. (Plus, you get bragging rights for nailing the challenge obstacles.)

We will have all your village services set up - coffee and food vendors, toilets, live timing, some tunes for atmosphere and more.

The event is professionally managed with experienced management and team at the helm and our main focus is that you enjoy getting out there with your bike, friends and or family.

Event Site Map

Entry costs and what we provide

As this is a participation event, we are keeping entry pricing very accessible. We are able to do this thanks to our generous supporters who are helping cover some of the event costs

Entry fees are:

$30 per adult rider (18+) and $15 per junior rider (ages 7 - 17).

Free - little kids challenges (under 7's) that are balance bikes and training wheel friendly.

Your entry contributes to

  • Hassle free event with everything you need onsite  
  • Event entertainment
  • Lots of cool spot prizes from our generous supporters
  • Live lap results
  • Kid friendly spaces and races
  • Professionally managed event
  • Free parking close to event village
  • Spectator friendly with access to come and go at any time during the day
  • Onsite mechanical support
  • Event first aid and medical services

Other bonuses for teams or individuals who are nailing the fundraising go a little like this:  

  • Raise over $250  per team and receive a complimentary lunch on the day and go into the draw to win some additional prizes (details coming soon).
  • All fundraisers who raise more than $2000 will be declared the kings and queens of Baskerville and receive our VIP package which includes Marquee, seating, personal mechanic for the day, an emotional comfort wild Grizzley Bear*, and a VIP food and beverage pack.

*emotional comfort bear may not be available on the day, may not be real. May also be quite distressing if it was real and not much comfort.

Who can ride/how hard is the challenge?

The event is achievable for anyone who can go on a casual weekend ride. Riders can do it at their own pace with teams and individuals able to take as many breaks as they like. It’s meant to be fun and for you to make your own goals and enjoy the challenge.

For kids and beginners, if you/they can ride safely around others and have good braking control then this course is very achievable.

We have made it a minimum age of 7 years old, but if you think your little person has great bike handling skills and pedaling power for their age then send us a rider enquiry and we will see what we can do.

The course is not technical, is very wide the whole way around and a high level of endurance is not required. There will be some fun features that will have more technical options but the course will have A and B lines so you don't have to ride them you don’t want to. But for those who want bragging rights there are precious seconds to be had by taking on the A line features.

Junior Riders (anyone aged 7 to 17 at the time of the event)

As mentioned above if a junior rider can safely ride around others and has good braking control then the course is very achievable.

The under 10's shortcut means there is only two very small hills for under 10's. Gears are going to help a junior get around the course but a single geared BMX is possible as well.

If you are watching/supporting a junior rider there are vantage points at which you can see 100% of the course so you can keep an eye on them at all times.

Additionally all juniors will need to:  

  • Be supervised by an adult at all times
  • Provide a copy of a parental/guardian consent from which we send out via email to you or can be filled out at registration, or you can download here.

School Entries/Interest

For staff or students interested in organising a school team, we would love to have you there and are really happy to support your participation in any way we can. That can include:

  • A Tas Bike Collective staff member coming to your school and talking about the event and how the event supports young people who often struggle at school.
  • Providing schools with detailed risk management plans.
  • Providing info sheets to send home for parents/guardians.
  • Providing an area for a school marquee to be setup on the day.

Please get in touch through our enquiry form if you have any other questions or ways in which we can support your schools participation.

What sort of bike is suitable?

Pretty much any bike that is in good working order.

You will need working brakes and bar end plugs to be allowed to ride and keep our insurance boffins happy.

Gears will help you get up the short hill and go faster on the flats, but not essential.

The Challenge course is pretty much doable on most bikes, BMX, MTB, hybrid etc. but not really suited for pure road bikes.

Are E-bikes allowed?

We have decided that as  a family friendly event with kids on the course and not being able to monitor restrictions it’s not a category that we will have in the first year but stay tuned for 2025 as we are looking at some e-bike options.  

Supporting the Tasmanian Bike Collective, how does the fundraising work?  

The event is hosted by the Tasmanian Bike Collective who run programs to help young people build resilience and skills, using bikes as their primary medium of connection. When you sign up, individual riders and teams are automatically assigned a fundraising page. We simply ask that you promote your teams fundraising efforts and ask people to get behind you taking on the challenge. We will also be promoting your efforts and asking our networks to get behind you.

Getting to the event

The event property address is 473 Baskerville Road, Old Beach Tasmania, please allow extra travel time for road works and unplanned delays

[Google Map Link]

Key dates and event day timetable

1. Entries open Friday 08 December, 2023

2. Entries close Sunday 24 March (Midnight), 2024

3. All competitor email info pack will be sent on Thursday 28 March, 2024

4. Saturday 06 April - Game on!

  • 8:30am property gates open
  • 8:30am registration open
  • 9:45am registration closes
  • 9:45am event briefing
  • 10:00am Cycle Challenge starts
  • 11:30am kids races and balance bike races
  • 1:00 pm event finishes (riders on course complete the lap they are on)
  • 1:15pm - 1:30 presentations and spot prizes!  

Race information and rules - the important responsible stuff

We ask that you please read these as the information is there to make your life easier and the event more fun.

Event day briefing and general communication

We will having a live briefing on site at 9:45am, we will also send out event updates and emails, but please make sure your team mates receive a link to this page.

Event Directors tips

1. Read this information and get in touch if you have any questions.

2. If you are new to cycling events, pace yourself and enjoy the event.

3. Remember it is a fun and social event.

4. Its worth remembering to bring a spare tube and tyre levers for each different wheel size in your teams arsenal.  

5. Check your bike a couple of weeks before making sure your trusty steed is good to go, not the morning of the event 😊.

6. Get there in good time on the event day so you can grab your reg pack early and get settled in.

7. Please check your email details when you enter as the email you supply is our tool to provide you and your team with important updates and information.  


Live results showing your teams laps will be live here champions! (link posted closer to the event)

Event registration on the day

Our helpful registration team will be onsite on the day so we know who has turned up for the event and so you can collect your event packs. Only one person per team needs to come to the registration desk to pick up the event packs for their team. The nominated person can pick up the entry pack for their team at the Event Village on the Saturday from 8:30 am – 9:45am.


The start area will be clearly marked and all solo riders along with 1 rider from each team or pair will need to be at the start area 10 minutes before the event start.  

Car Parking

For all entrants and spectators there will be day parking area which will be clearly marked and set up so people can come and go without interfering with the main transition and riding. This improves safety for participants, supporters, and for contractors that come and go throughout the event. Please follow the instructions of all marshals as they are there to help things run smoothly and safely for everyone.

Services on site

We will have toilets, and coffee and food vendors on site. Any other nutrition or hydration you think you might need please bring with you.


We will have tunes playing the whole time and the Bike Collective will be running some kids races a novelty race, and there will be a show and shine retro bike display as well!


We ask that you please keep the village and transition zones clean and take rubbish with you, there will be waste management on site.

Start list

Start list will be posted here and on our home page prior to the event, so you can make sure your entry and team members are all correct.


Pets are not permitted within any part of the property. There is no exception. It is not that we don’t like them we don’t want them running under bike wheels and it's a farming area with lots of native wildlife.

Little Tackers

The event is family friendly, however, we ask that kids be kept out of transition area and off the course when not riding for their own safety. Kids must be supervised at all times.

On course mechanical and assistance

If you encounter a mechanical issue it is important to move off to the side before trying to fix it. If you can’t fix it there and then, continue to follow the course in the same direction to the transition area as best you can. Marshals will be there to help and assist where possible. Once back in the transition area you can tag a team member and/or get help to repair your bike from our onsite mechanic. Riders can assist each other on course.


There will be lots of spot prizes from our generous event sponsors!

Event Start

At 9.50am one rider from each team and all solo riders will proceed to the start area.

Lap Times and Transition

Riders and teams can take a break at any time throughout the event and your lap time is measured from when your previous team rider finishes a lap until you complete the next lap. The transition area will be after the timing station. You will be given a number plate with a timing chip and live preliminary results will be available for people watching the race online if WIFI allows. We will have a manual backup so make sure your race number is easily read.

The transition is a rolling transition after the timing station where your partner can leave when tag your partner in the transition pen. Solos do not have to dismount. You will be able to bypass the transition area if you aren’t swapping riders.

Attaching Your Bike Number Plate

Attach your bike number to the front of your bike using at least 3 ties, securely fastening it to the handle bar and ensuring that it can be easily seen from the front. Remember - if we can't see your number, your lap times may not be captured. We provide reusable velcro ties for you, you can keep them for your next race, return them, use them for something else just don't throw them away  :).

Course Etiquette and Passing Rules

Be kind to each other, there is lots of room to pass, so being respectful and supportive is easy.

On Course Emergency Procedures

There will be a team of marshals around the course during the event. If they request you slow down or divert please follow their requests.


Course Map

The course is designed to suit people wanting to have fun with a crew of family and or friends with out the demands and pressures of a serious race. The event is also suitable to people who have never raced before or just getting into riding.  

Each lap will take around 10mins for a person of average fitness.

We will have a kids course and separate challenges for little tackers including different categories for kids (balance bikes, 16” bikes, 20” bikes etc) but again the focus is on fun and participation.  

Good Karma and good vibes

The Tasmanian Bike Collective Cycle Challenge is a place to foster good karma, a fun social event whilst at the same time raising funds to support the awesome work of the Tas Bike Collective - We ask that you help us and are supportive of others at the event and our team.

Bike Number Plates

Following a couple of key things saves us and you a lot of hassle.

Each number plate has an RFID electronic chip on it, each chip is assigned to a rider even if you are in team your plate will still be assigned to an individual rider.

Here are the simple things to follow with number plates:

1. Check your number plate when you pick up your reg pack and make sure you have yours and not your team mates attached to your bike.

3. The lap timing area is bunted off - please don’t enter the area with your bike with your number plate attached it will mess up your lap count

4. If you swap bikes without changing plates the laps will be recorded for the rider who was allocated that plate not you. It won’t affect your over all team results but if the lap counts for everyone in your team is important to you its worth noting.

We don’t use single use cable ties they are not much chop for the environment so we use reusable Velcro ties that you can return to us, use at other events, or use for something else. Just don’t throw them out or cut them off 😊

Thankyou to our Sponsors and Event Partners


What is the registration cancellation policy?

What happens if you choose to withdraw from the event after you enter? We try and make it as fair as possible and want to support those who can’t make it due to health or other critical circumstances. Below is our policy that also covers if we have to reschedule or cancel the event.

1. Registration withdrawal prior to entry closing date:

  • A 10% fee is charged to cover our transaction fees with online registration and payment merchants.
  • Or you can on-sell and transfer your entry to another participant and seek reimbursement from them. You just need to let us know through the contact form.
  • A carry forward of paid entries as entry credit to our future events. Valid for 2 years.

2. Registration withdrawal after entry closing date:

  • 40% fee withheld to cover ordering, consumables and merchant fees.
  • Or you can on-sell and transfer your entry to another participant and seek reimbursement from them.
  • A carry forward of paid entries as entry credit to our future events on provision of a doctors certificate, less fee of 30% to cover ordering, consumables and merchant fees. Valid for 2 years.

3. Registration withdrawal 15 days or under prior to the event we offer no refund but we do offer:

  • A carry forward of paid entries as entry credit to our future events on provision of a doctors certificate less 40% to cover ordering, consumables and merchant fees. Valid for 2 years.
  • Or you can on-sell and transfer your entry to another participant and seek reimbursement from them. We require confirmation of your replacement’s intention to enter no later than 5 days prior to the event date.

Event cancellation by event organisers

If we choose to cancel the event due to any reason you are offered full refund or event credit as per Australian consumer law. We think it’s the right thing to do if we can’t deliver what you have paid for.

We would reschedule the event only in extreme circumstances and transfer your entry into the rescheduled event, provide the new date works for you.

Enter Now - Cycle Challenge

Ready to get involved? Visit our entry page and follow the links to enter today!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or issues entering. Once entered you will be allocated a team/individual fundraising page. We ask that you share this page with your networks to help support the young people making positive changes to their lives through our programs.

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