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  • Invitation: Clarence Plains Bike Collective Open Day
  • Ant is off to Brisbane!
  • Volunteer Profile. Hawaiian Shirt alert!
  • Audrey Coffee
  • 1000 Bikes = A Million Opportunities

Clarence Plains Bike Collective Open Day

Many of you will have heard and seen the news about the Clarence Plains Bike Collective. Late last year we started the planning, then earlier this year  we sought, found and equipped the workshop, and finally in Term 2 we launched.

Now it's your turn to come and take a look for yourself!

You are invited to join us at the workshop on Saturday 17 September. Head to Bayview Secondary College (we'll have signs out - we're easy to find). Formalities start at 11:30am, free BBQ lunch to follow. Refreshments (coffee, cool drinks) available at low cost.

To help with catering, please let us know if you'd like to come by emailing us at

See you there!

We're going to Brisbane!

Yeah, well, we're not all going. Only Mr. Fancy-Pants Ant Edler gets to go!

A couple of months ago, we applied for a bursary grant to send Ant to the SEWF in Brisbane. We sent off a dodgy video, waited a bit, then voila! They gave us the bursary! Ant will be off to learn more about how to run, grow and manage our organisation to continue its impact on young Tasmanians' lives into the future.

Just in case you were wondering.. What's a Social Enterprise?

Well, a Social Enterprise is a business which has a social mission at its heart and which reinvests its profits back into that mission. We are heading in that direction - currently we rely heavily on grants but each year we generate more of our own revenue, and we want this to grow - and that will help us grow our social impact.

Volunteer Profile - Tim Hynes

Tim in full display. Sadly, the shirt doesn't have a volume control.

Tim is an unassuming, likeable chap with an impeccable business manner and an unhealthy love of Hawaiian shirts. He is also our Chair. Tim gives a significant number of hours each month, assisting and consulting with Ant in decision making and leading the TasBC board through its work. He has volunteered with the Bike Collective for many years and this year was awarded a small scholarship to undertake a course on Governance Principles for Not-for-Profit Directors. Not everyone's cup of tea, and if you found yourself yawning, you should try doing the pre-reading for the course!

As with everything Tim does, he is extremely professional and excited about extending his own learning and development to support the Bike Collective. In fact, apart from the loud shirt thing, it's hard to find anything negative to say about this bloke.

Oh yeah. I remember. He doesn't love bikes! Thankfully, he likes people, and while it looks like we're all about bikes on the outside, you don't have to scratch the surface very hard to see that we are all about young people. And, it goes to show that you don't even have to be into bikes to be able to be a part of what we do!

But then again... Seriously?   How can anyone not love bikes?


Every unique story adds so much to what we offer our young people. What's your story? Your gifts and skills are unique - if you've got some time to give, get in touch... you might just be the person we didn't know we needed!


Audrey Coffee!

Ant Edler with Pete from Audrey Coffee

Now this is a great little business, putting its money where its heart is - in the local community. Audrey Coffee is well known for its generosity, supporting community organisations doing their work on the Eastern Shore.

Over the next few months, Audrey will be donating a portion of every cup sold to help support our program. We encourage all our supporters to drop in to Audrey Coffee next time you're in Rosny Park or Rokeby. The excellent coffee is not the only thing that will make you feel all warm inside.

P.S. They do great snacks too!

1000 Bikes = A Million Opportunities

Ant, Cayleb and Austin work on #1000

Last week, the Risdon Vale Bike Collective refurbished bike number 1000! One thousand bikes means so much more than just a whole lot of bikes. It's significant because it speaks of 8 years of role modelling, mentoring and training young people from the Risdon Vale area.

1000 bikes represents thousands of hours spent building up the Risdon Vale Bike Collective as a safe place for young people to be, to learn, to eat hot chips and cheese toasties, to fix up bikes (including their own) and to get out and ride.

Tons of opportunities to help young people learn resilience, reliability, problem solving, focus, self-worth, relational skills, helping others, and taking pride in their work.

... And so much time for them to think about making conscious choices towards a Better Future. And that's what we're all about.

As a bonus, that's nearly 1000 bikes diverted from landfill (some of our bikes have been bought and redonated multiple times!). 1000 repurposed bikes that have been enjoyed all over again. And well over 1000 smiles.

See? as always, short and sweet...

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All the best,

Ant, Kev, Anthony and the TasBC crew.

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