What's inside: Nice racks!, A link in the chain, A REALLY big bike ride, New boardies, Support those who support us

Tasmanian Bike Collective

Dear Supporters...

As always, we have heaps of news, but I promise I've kept it short!

What's inside:

  • Nice racks!
  • A link in the chain
  • A REALLY big bike ride
  • New boardies
  • Support those who support us

Nice Racks!

After months of research, prototyping, sketching, drawing up in CAD, cutting, filing, welding, painting and assembling, we finally have our 3 new bike racks!

Each of the Bike Collectives at Risdon Vale, Huon Valley and Clarence Plains has a new bike rack which displays and stores 14 bikes clearly and safely.

These racks are unique in that they store, within a very compact space, bikes of almost every size and type, from 16" kids' bikes, through to full-sized road bikes and 29" dual suspension mountain bikes.

Our new racks were designed by our very own in-house designer Kev (we are pretty lucky to have a great Industrial Designer on our team!) and built here in Hobart.

A huge shout out of thanks go to Craig Fullarton (MDT Teacher, Sacred Heart College) for the help and advice with prototyping and material choices; and to Gerhard Mausz for consulting and fabrication of all the parts.

Gerhard has built these so well, we only needed to screw them together. Every last little part was made with eye-watering precision.

Finally, a massive Thank You goes to Julie Collins MP and the Stronger Communities fund for the grant which funded their construction.

A Link in the Chain

A bicycle chain is made up of lots of small links. When the links are all joined together, the bike can move forward. When there are more links, the chain gets longer, and you can use more gears to climb higher. It's simple!

It works the same way with donations. We have a number of regular donors who give as little as $5/week (that's one coffee!). All those little $5 donations are like chain links.

They join up and allow us to climb higher: we can reach out wider, expand and enhance our programs, and reach more young at-risk Tasmanians. Why not add your own link to the chain? Click below!

Don't forget: all donations to TasBC are tax deductible - straight after 30 June you'll be sent a full year's receipt for you to claim on your tax return. So easy!

Sure! I can contribute $5/month!


‍A REALLY Big Bike Ride

Some of you have met Anthony, our Program Manager at the Huon Valley workshop. Anthony is an uncompromising, passionate chap who doesn't do anything by halves. Take, for example, the Tassie Gift.

The Tassie Gift is an unofficial race, starting in Hobart, criss-crossing Tasmania in a fairly jagged figure-of-eight. The riders are fully self-supported (no team cars here!).

The roads they cover are mostly... well, many of them are not even roads. They use fire roads, forestry trails, back roads, old mining tracks... in fact, over the course of the whole ride, only 1/3 of the roads are sealed.

Here's some mind-frying stats for you.

  • 22 people from 4 countries started the race
  • Only 10 riders crossed the finish line
  • The course covered just under 1800km
  • The first few to finish completed this distance in 10 days 😮
  • The total amount of vertical climbing was more than 36km!

It's no easy rambling ride either. They start off by climbing Mt Wellington/kunanyi. And on the final day, they don't dawdle along the Derwent for an easy lap of honour. They climb over the 673m Goat Hills past Collinsvale!

So, back to Anthony. This absolute legend came second. 10 days, 1800km, 36000 vertical metres. And full kudos to Emma Flukes, the organiser and eventual winner, too.

We are not worthy.

New Boardies!

We are excited to welcome and work with 2 new board members this year! Here's a quick intro...

Ellisa Bowditch

Ellisa completed a Bachelor of Applied Science (Physical Education) at RMIT University before teaching PE in various Primary and Secondary schools in Victoria and Tasmania.

She is married to Chris who is currently the Rector of Lindisfarne Anglican Church. They have 2 daughters who Ellisa has had the privilege of being at home with full time.

Ellisa has also been a committee member for the University of Tasmania Football (Soccer) Club since 2019 and is currently in her 2nd year as President.

Daniel de la Motte

Daniel has a Bachelor of Law and Science, a graduate Diploma of Legal Practice, a Masters of Teaching and a graduate Certificate of Theological Studies.

He is a married father of three, Campus Minister and teacher. Daniel is experienced in enabling and mentoring youth justice action and speaking to young people to encourage and engage them in contemplating life's big questions.

He enjoys playing guitar, singing, swimming, bushwalking, gardening and watching Bluey.


It's Shout-Out time. Thanks so much to the following businesses who have supported us in 2022. If you support them, they can keep supporting us, and we can keep supporting young Tasmanians.

  • Audrey Coffee - Rosny & Rokeby
  • MyRide Hobart - Bike shop, Sandy Bay
  • Ride Bellerive - Bike shop, Howrah
  • Cyclingo - Bike shop, Mornington & South Hobart
  • Roll Cycles - Bike shop, Harrington St, City
  • Vertigo - Bike hire, Derby & St Helens
  • Bendigo Bank - Huon Valley
  • Huon Valley PCYC


From all the team here at the Tasmanian Bike Collective, we want to say Thank You to each of you for your support this year.

We take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous 2023.

See you next year!

See? as always, short and sweet...

Check us out on the web at www.tasbc.com.au or

on Facebook: facebook.com/tasbikecollective

...or email us at hello@tasbc.com.au

All the best,

Ant, Kev, Anthony and the TasBC crew.


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