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It's no secret that our programs are effective and have real life impact. It's also no secret that we've had our share of funding difficulties - running programs costs money and those costs have increased significantly in recent times!

We're delighted to share that through the generosity of supporters, the enthusiasm of our fund-raising team at our recent "Cycle Challenge" event and the support of the Government of Tasmania, we are back on an even keel and able to continue supporting the 80 young people coming through our programs each week.

It has also been incredibly encouraging to see the outpouring of support and encouragement from the wider community for the Bike Collective. All the phone calls and emails to the local politicians did not go unnoticed!

Thank you!

It Takes a Village to Raise a Toilet!

The Clarence Plains Bike Collective, along with the 24 Carrot Garden and Bayview Secondary College’s horticulture and aquaculture programs had been in need of a more accessible toilet facility. So to make it happen the following “village” pulled together:

  • The Hon. Julie Collins MP facilitated a Stronger Communities grant
  • Lyden Builders donated some of the fixtures and accessories
  • Reece Plumbing donated the toilet
  • Financial contributions came from Bayview Secondary College and 24 Carrot Gardens
  • Paul Barwick from Build Green was absolutely fabulous in pulling it all together and completing the construction at a very generous price.

... without all these people contributing it just would not have happened!


At the start of this year we began working with grade 4 students from Risdon Vale Primary School as a result of several enquiries by senior staff at the school. The first crew member to sign up from this age group was “Cody” (name and image of student changed for confidentiality). To date, Cody has never missed his scheduled workshop time and often comes into the workshop after school.

Recently, the school’s Assistant Principal, Nick Harper, reached out to let us know that Cody’s attendance and conduct at school had improved dramatically and he directly attributed this to Cody’s involvement with the Bike Collective program. This has also been backed up by Cody’s carer who has witnessed the same change in Cody's behaviour and outlook.

Supporting the transition to High School

Did you know students can start in our programs in late primary school? We also encourage experienced older students to work with the younger cohort. We then do our best to offer the program to those same primary school students as they transition to High School. We know this is a major life transition and any positive connections that remain during this time are incredibly helpful.

  • We regularly get asked by students, who like Hamish last week simply asked; "Will I be able to come back to Bike Collective when I go to high school?"
  • Another student when surveyed at the end of last year said: “It makes me feel less nervous because I'm nervous about changing schools in the next two years and don't know anyone. But meeting new kids from the other school makes me feel less nervous about changing schools.”

School staff tell us that students and their carers often ask this question of them as well. This reinforces the importance of programs and connections like the ones made in the Bike Collective in reducing anxiety and offering some stability and continuity over this stressful period.

A highlight every week for our crew

...We hear this time and time again. Ryan is one example of a student who just thrives in the Collective. He brings not only enthusiasm but a level of mechanical competency that belies his young years. When working on a bike with a volunteer recently, he said out of the blue "the best thing about Bike Collective is that it gives me something to look forward to in the week”.

And another example: Lachie & Jye missed their regular session due to recent NAPLAN assessments and were so disappointed to have missed it that they came during lunch to ask if they could attend the afternoon session. Both of these high school kids had been demonstrating a pattern of being positive role models for other kids so the Program Manager agreed they could come back. It was great to give them a 'win' after their NAPLAN tests but also see how clearly they enjoy the Bike Collective.

DETERMINATION one of the values we try to teach and model within the Bike Collective.

David was asked to take apart a bike that was to be scrapped due to its apparent overall poor condition. David has a knack of reviving parts that would normally be unserviceable and instead of scrapping everything,  he produced some amazing results with the running gear and handlebars.

These parts have been restored to near-new condition and will definitely be used for future rebuilds. Additionally, his school principal reported that his mood at school is very positive after his times at the Collective.

This clearly demonstrates the improvements in outlook and self-confidence that a young person experiences when they feel like they can contribute and succeed.

The First Ever TasBC Cycle Challenge... a Huge Success!

On a perfect Saturday morning in April, we had over 70 riders of all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities take on The Challenge.

This was the first of our annual fundraising events, held at the Baskerville Raceway. Riders took on THE HILL, a nasty climb straight off the starting line, a dreamy downhill, then the option of some obstacles or a flatter loop. Ask anyone who was there - it was HEAPS of fun!

In all, we raised $13,500! Not bad for a first time around!

Special thanks go to all those who volunteered their time as marshals and helpers, and to all of our sponsors...

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